He decided to add a starlight head liner, like the ones you see in rolls royce wraiths. Can change the colors using the remote;

Along with a sumptuous interior, theres the Starlight

The brightness control enables you to set the intensity of each ‘star’ to suit your mood:

Starlight headliner for car. These panel will be available in several colors to match the oem interior colors. Having a starlight headliner installed into your chosen vehicle is the best and most high end, sought after modification you can get, its simply stunning, elegant and mesmerising and yet is totally discreet. Our customer had a show to attend and wanted his car to stand out amongst the rest.

Created from hundreds of fibre optic strands at staggered depths and different guages it creates an opulent star filled ‘sky’. The controls in the front passenger compartment allow you to adjust the brightness of the ‘stars’ to fashion just the right atmosphere. Auto on / auto off;

1set of fiber optic strands (500pcs) Bright enough to relax and read under, or dim enough to create a subtle glow to relax your mind. Especially when an unsuspecting passenger hops into the car for a ride.

The real challenge on this was the installation of each fiber without moving the headliner out of the car. 1 pc control module box; To begin, the headliner was disassembled from.

We are proud to introduce the starlight headliner for jeep wrangler jl/jk and jeep gladiator hardtop. I took all the pillars, visors, lights, handles and lastly the headliner. You can control the colours and the twinkle feature easily, creating an incredible cosmic vibe while you drive.

Make your car interior look outstanding with a car interior lighting kit also known as a starlight headliner. Packed with features including twinkle, dimming, and color morph to illuminate our high performance fiber optic cables. Every constellation is unique just like your bespoke build.

Customize your interior with this unique starlight headliner originally found in a rolls royce car; It really makes the driving experience, a lot of fun. We can install starlights on any cars except convertibles.

Speed is adjustable via remote; Rolls royce, aston martin, audi, bentley, cadillac, chevy. The company’s youtube account has similar videos showing the feature installed on a variety of models, including the a4 sedan and a5 coupe as well as models from other brands.

Starlights will feature color change options to give the exciting ambient glow to meet your mood. March 18, 2021 / 2 minutes read. Starlight headliner about us contact us resources

Fiber optic kit is $109 in amazon. Home » products » car » starlight headliner kit. However, some auto trimmers have begun fabricating them for a range of makes and models.

Stellar lighting fibre optic headliner brings the shining starry night sky into your car. We install custom starlight headliners in our customers cars. Controlled via bluetooth app & handheld remote.

And it is made by the small fiber optic illuminators and plastic end glow fiber optic light cables the following brand car with stars on the roof by fiber optic starlight headliner kits. Hey everyone, this last summer july 2019, i installed a starlight headliner myself, in my driveway. 500 led fiber optic strands;

I hid the lights projector inside the trunk. Our all new star liner kit is now available; You will no longer have to strain your neck and eyes to catch a view of twinkling stars.

The starlight headliner option in this double r takes the car beyond expensive gewgaw and right into tight. The a7 is far from being the first audi to get the starlight headliner from audi retrofits. The headliner of the car is crafted with immense number of lights to replicate the starry night sky above your head as you cruise through the city, the concept was derived from rolls royce phantom and was limited to only rolls royce, here at star on car you can get any eligible car crafted with our exclusive starlight.

It does so many things! Home » news » video: Starlight headliner for any vehicle prices vary wit vehicle n star count.

It has twinkle effects, changes all colors, dances to the music, fades, flashes colors! With our fibres being mainly 0.5mm you’d never know they were even there until the display is illuminated, which is very impressive for. When you climb into your defender and look up to see it twinkling in a magical way you will realise the starlight headliner is the ultimate interior enhancement.

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