Import 5 Way Switch Wiring Diagram. The TL style guitar control panel comes mostly pre-wired. Alternatively, add a toggle switch between the volume and tone pots that ties the bridge and neck together.

Wiring Diagram Strat 5 Way Switch Emg 81
Wiring Diagram Strat 5 Way Switch Emg 81 (Mittie Gibson)

I didn't include all the details, because everyone's guitar is different. If you have difficulty adapting the diagram to your switch, CONTACT ME For Details. I've include an image of how I would wire it.

Update: Cutting the metal Strip does work like I thought.

Can i just solder in the same order does this switch require a different.

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Can somebody show me or explain how I need to wire an import switch properly? He followed a wiring diagram, plugged it in and got nothin. for our Parsons Street humbuckers. I needed the import switch because a rotary blade switch is to deep to fit in the control cavity.

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