Current Cravings


I have been inspired by so many fun things this week, so I thought I would share some of my “Current Cravings” with you.

Did you know that you could do this with bananas? I did not, and now my banana bread making is forever changed.

My jaw dropped when I saw that you could do this with a mason jar.  A DIY magic bullet, so cool!

And speaking of mason jars…what a fun thing to make with mason jar lids.  The limitless uses of mason jars always excites me.

I love eggs and really want to put them on my pizza this week.  Dippy eggs on pizza make me swoon.

I also want to make this, I think I might have an egg obsession.  What else can I put an egg on?

I am looking forward to trying this workout, though I think I will do it inside (still a little chilly here)…Lindsay always inspires me with her fun and motivating circuits.

I did this workout on Wednesday and I could hardly walk down my stairs for two days, my legs were a little sore, to say the least.

Goat cheese and ice cream, two of my favourite things, I’m pretty sure that’s one fusion I would love! She is a genius!

Wouldn’t these little cuties be perfect for Easter or Mother’s Day?!

I hope you indulge yourself in some of my current cravings!

What are you currently craving?


    • carategler says

      Oh no, a burnt banana disaster! Ha!
      You could just call it “charred banana” and then it would sound fancy and intentional ;)

    • carategler says

      I am loving that spring is finally making an appearance here in Toronto. It is sooo nice to go outside and not have to wear a million layers of clothes :)

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